Capabilities Preview

TrafficCube is a Traffic Analysis Application

It automatically pulls and reports on target level Cost, Traffic and Conversion data from Traffic Sources, Trackers and Networks.  Example:

Note: A tracker is not required if you don’t need Landing Page CTR data.

** Limited auto-bidding is available for TrafficVance

Also, If you have questions about this app, please click this link to get the email address to contact us: t…


TrafficCube pulls and merges the following data:

  • Traffic + Conversions
    • Trackers
      • Prosper202
      • CPVLab (coming soon)
  • Advertising Cost/Spend
    • Auto via API:
      • TrafficVance
      • 50onred
      • Exoclick
      • Clicksor
      • Traffic Junky
    • Auto Non-API: (use at own risk)
      • LeadImpact
    • Built-in Customizable CSV
  • Traffic + Conversions
    • Networks
      • Cake
      • Peerfly
      • Built-in Customizable CSV


Here are some screenshot examples of capabilities:

List of campaigns and their performance:


Campaign breakdown: (note, can do many drill downs other apps cannot, see below for examples)


List of sources connected to this installation:


Data Drill-Downs Example:

In this campaign, we split tested new landing pages and some offers at the same time.  TrafficCube allows us to view the data in differing breakdowns instantly.

Here is the Offer-LP-Target View:


Here is the Offer-LP View:


This is the Lander view:



This is the Offer View:


The views and fields may be mixed, matched, displayed or not displayed.  In fact, the above views were attained just by selecting which fields were desired.  Here are the fields currently available:



If you have questions about this app, please click the link below to get the email address to contact us:


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